I’m Not Queer

I have been somewhat taken to task by a reader who felt a recent post wasn’t quite up to snuff for an “apparently queer blog.” But before I begin, I want to clarify that this isn’t a rebuttal-slam post. The comment simply set my noggin wheels to spinning and this is a product of that … Continue reading

Let Me Entertain You

Let me do a few tricks Some old and then some new tricks I’m very versatile … Sweet fancy Moses! First the Liebster Award and now this! Does my awesomeness know no bounds? I’d like to thank the lovely and talented Amanda at Write in the Wrong Way for this award. She smokes, she drinks, … Continue reading

Let’s Agree To Disagree

People are often divided into different camps based on preferences – Milky Way vs Snickers, Coke vs Pepsi, “hell yeah, I love it!” vs “no way, that’s exit only!” Sometimes these divisions are also affected by where one is from – tea vs coffee, pop vs soda, vegemite vs peanut butter. These rivalries are friendly … Continue reading

And The Nominees Are …

Many thanks to fixatedann at Randomly Speaking Unorthodoxly for nominating me for the Liebster Award. I must admit that at first I thought it was the Lieber Award and that my friend Steffen, aka The Lieber Boy, had decided to toss me a blogging bone. So imagine how thrilled I was to discover that this … Continue reading

Not Breaking News!

Earlier this summer former-Cosby kid Raven Symone revealed that she is gay, which I mention only because a couple of days later Pink went public with the news that she is not gay. I have mixed feelings about the whole celebrity-sexuality announcement thing – on the one hand I think it’s great for young people … Continue reading

Why Didn’t You Tell Me?

Last night a woman asked me if I was single because she wanted to set me up with her friend. Her male friend. *sigh* So I told her that I’m a lesbian. She said it was too bad because the guy would be perfect for me (what kind of guy is perfect for a lesbian … Continue reading

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

What do you give the Baroness who has everything? Looking out across the rolling green hills of my barony and pondering the many treasures filling the rooms of my stately manor, that rhetorical question might turn intimidating. What indeed? Despite my vast wealth, collections of ancient artifacts, priceless jewels, rare art and mint, in-the-box Facts … Continue reading

War of Words

I handed my mom a printed copy of my blog post Killing Time. “Here,” I say. “Read this.” “What is it?” “Something I wrote for my blog.” “Your what?” “My blog. Remember? We agreed I’d print the parts you’re allowed to read so you wouldn’t have to see the stuff you don’t like?” “Oh! That … Continue reading

Monkey Business

I blog hoping to be read. In that respect I don’t think I’m different from any of you. Or, maybe I am. Maybe some of you write simply for the joy of it and, knowing that hard-drives crash and journals spontaneously combust, choose to launch your work out into the safety of the blogosphere where … Continue reading

Another Story From The Baroness

Sometimes when I’m riding through the streets of Lichtenclit, the children of the village will chase after my limousine; and when the long, black car stops, press their faces against the darkened glass, peering inside to catch a glimpse of me. “Baroness!” they call. “Baroness! Are you in there?” If I’m not on my way … Continue reading